Goal and mission

We provide respite care, with the aim of temporarily relieving the informal caregiver (s), and to take care of (if desired) in collaboration with the parents. ‘Villa Marleen’ offers the children an enjoyable, relaxed and carefree holiday. In a safe place where they feel at home quickly and where they can be themselves, make their own choices and can play with companions. A place where these children are not ‘different’ but special. Where they can find recognition together and where they can forget all the bad things. Away from the “white coats”. We contribute to maintain, stimulate and support the self-reliance and based on the possibilities and wishes of the child. Our goal is to strengthen the carrying capacity and reduce the load, where personal attention and small scale prevail. Villa Marleen aims to provide relaxation, pleasure and a carefree moment of happiness in the broadest sense of the word.